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When a leader is in her power, she raises everyone around her.

When a leader is in her power, she raises everyone around her.

Move beyond:
And start to:
Dr. Sharon Melnick will show you how.

Your mental and emotional state determine the solutions you bring…

Out of your power, you’re in a mental swirl and will retry the same tired approaches.
In your power, you are pure magic. You have:

Influence: Your vision becomes everyone’s mission. You turn adversaries into advocates. You feel heard as the compass leading success and change.

Resilience: You evolve from reactive to strategic. You’re the calm force for all around you. You have mental space and emotional energy to cherish post-workday moments. You burnout-proof your life.

Confidence: You have unwavering self-trust. Your swap the question ‘what will others think’ with ‘what is my purpose?” You feel recognized and valued.

Instead of reacting to the limitations of other people, you raise yourself and others to be limitless.

Meet Dr. Melnick

“I’ll show you how to turn your sense that things are happening to you into the experience that you are making things happen…”

Organizations I have worked with over the last 20 years include:

“Coaching with Sharon Melnick was extremely helpful, I left every discussion with greater clarity, purpose, and energy. I now have a calm mind and can hold onto the important thoughts. I now influence management level interactions with ease and grace, and I’ve taken on bigger picture strategic priorities that are positively impacting the future direction of the organization.”
Deborah B, CHRO
“I needed someone to uplevel me. Dr. Sharon Melnick provided deep wisdom and practical strategies for me to stay in my power and have a far-reaching impact on my field. She fully sees and champions you. Now I show up for myself, and as an elevated version of myself. She is a genius, I never could have done this without her, there is no one like her on the planet today.”
Teri Cochrane, CEO of …
“Working with Dr. Sharon Melnick has been transformative. Sharon is the rare combination of coach, strategist and psychologist. She helped me work through some stumbling blocks and navigate the complex power dynamics of the workplace. In spaces where I felt invisible and “unheard,” Sharon empowered me to control my narrative and speak with authority and assurance. The end result: I have increased my personal power and influence at work and can bring true value to my organization.”
Cherie Bond, ADP
“Sharon Melnick is a genius, truly an exceptional talent! Sharon helped me become a “Poised Change Agent”. Her methodologies and insights enlightened me how to have more influence across the organization. The progress I’ve made using her tactics in both my professional and personal life have been transformative and helped me significantly reduce stress!”
Jeanine D’onofrio EVP Tommy Hilfiger


“Dr. Melnick is a transformational speaker who gives the audience something they can score a win with right away, AND people are still talking about what they learned from her at your next year’s conference. She is brilliant, and she rocked it on my stage.”
JJ Virgin, Multiple NYT Bestselling Author, and Founder, Mindshare Summit

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Are you ready to make a bigger difference with less effort? Do you want to be treated with respect and be a role model for those around you? Dr. Melnick will help you be ‘in your power’ and ‘use your power’ to make a better culture. Your path to becoming a next level leader and Change Agent begins here, contact Dr. Melnick today.

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